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Coast of Norway

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Summerhouse Agnefest 
The house is situated, at the Agnefest harbour, at the head of the Rosfjord in Lyngdal. 

The house was built arround 1905. It has lately been restored and painted in light colours. There are 3 bedrooms with in total 8 beds. The house is situated on a sloap, 30m from the sea. We have therefore built a 60m2 terrace, in order to have an active an safe outdoor environment for everyone.

With the landing stages straight bellow, the place gives great opportunities to catch little fish and sandcrabbs! For the bigger ones, the 17 feet Big Buster with 40hp 4-stroke and fishfinder is ready for use. Wests for both activities are in the house in the garden. In addition we have another 17 feet Big Buster, with 04-mod 40hp 4-stroke and fishfinder, which can be rented should you want a second boat. In the gardenhouse, we have maid a cleaning room with a sink, bench and a freezer.

Facillities: Outdoor owen and furnitures, shower, washingmachine, dishwasher, coffemachine, vaffeliron, iron, cooler with a freezer, sat-TV (Europeen channels), stereo, good mattresses, quilt, pillows, bedlines and towells....


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