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Coast of Norway

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Wellcome to the south coast of Norway!
Lyngdal is situated straight west of Lindesnes, Norways most southern mainland, and is a popular tourist area.The city has 7000 inhabitans, but that is doubled in the summertime, when more than 1400 cabins, 3 camping grounds and one hotel gets fully booked. This creats a throbbing life in the area, both on land and on the fjords. You will find three fjords, lovely beaches and more than 90km coastline, which invites to a range of activities.  Alleen, the center of the city, has a hole range of shops. The business circle organize events thrue out the summer.
  •    Lovely beaches, shallow water and child friendly 
  •    Nightly crab catching from boat
  •    Cave tracking 
  •    Diving and fishing
  •    River for bathing and catching salmon 
  •    Visit a farm, Summerfestival, deep sea fishing, elgsafari..:)

Within a 1 hour drive you will be able to reach Kristiansand Zoo, the city of Mandal, Kvinesdal Golfclub, Lindesnes Lighthouse, Korshavn harbour, Loshavn at Farsund, Lista lighthouse and the beaches at Lista. The amusementpark Kongeparken at Stavanger is a short 2 hour drive.

Welcome to great days in southern Norway!


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